Robert Soane


Hello and welcome to this portfolio! During my Computer Science MSc I collated this portfolio of interesting university and side projects I worked on. Now as a working professional I no longer maintain this site, however have left it in situ for people to peruse at their leisure. For my current blog, click here.

Hello and welcome to my site. I am a recent Computer Science MSc graduate from the University of Nottingham, working as a software developer.

During my studies I posted the occaisional project on this site, as well as some fun side projects. Some of the more recent projects are listed below, and everything I've posted can be found on the Projects page. A few I found particularly interesting were:

  • Antelope - For my MSc project I designed an NLP enhanced transcript labelling system aimed specifically at reflective practitioners (graded distinction - 87%).
  • Scotch Recommender Engine - An AI Scotch whisky recommender engine. Developed as a piece of coursework for my MSc (graded distinction - 82%).
  • Pyfighter - A group project as part of my MSc (ranked second of all games submitted and graded distinction - 89%).
  • Simulations for teaching mathematics - One of my projects for my BSc in Mathematics. Most interesting was programming a simulation of a double pendulum in JavaScript.

Recent Projects

Antelope: An NLP Enhanced Transcript Labelling System for Reflective Practitioners. This was my MSc project and formed the basis of my dissertation. I designed a full stack for labelling dialogue transcript turns using an administrator defined schema. Antelope uses a machine learning model to recommend labels for transcript turns based on use.

As a piece of coursework for my MSc I produced a Scotch whisky recommender agent in Python. This was evaluated via a survey, and at the p=0.05 is an improvement over a baseline random recommender.

This simulation of Conway's Game of Life was hacked together over a weekend to gain exposure to React. It is surprisingly satisfying to sit and play with!

Pyfighter is an 8-bit side scrolling, infinite level platform game, produced in Python using PyGame as part on an MSc by R. Soane, R. Danevicius, and S. Mistry. Inspired by super street fighter, super smash bros and Mario, they created a customisable and addictive game that gets progressively harder.