About Me

I am a Computer Science MSc graduate from the University of Nottingham. I am now working as a software developer.

I undertook my MSc after graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics in 2020, having spent three years studying numerical methods, scientific computing and applied maths.

In my MSc I studied various topics in software engineering and artificial intelligence. I significantly improved my programming skills beyond those developed in my previous studies.


MSc in Computer Science (2020 - 2021), University of Nottingham

Classification: Distinction
  • Studied modules in Programming, LAMP full-stack development, Relational Database Design, Networking, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Agent Design.
  • Completed MSc project and dissertation in AI/ML. Developed Antelope, an NLP enhanced full stack application for labelling dialogue transcript turns. This was graded as distinction (87%).
  • Lead a group to produce an infinite street fighter style game in Python. This was ranked 2nd out of 65 submissions, and graded Distinction (89%).
  • Produced an AI Scotch whisky recommender engine for a project. This was graded Distinction (82%).

BSc (Hons) in Mathematics (2017-2020), University of Nottingham

Classification: 2.1
  • Developed advanced skills in mathematical modelling and scientific computation.
  • Developed skills in MATLAB, Python and JavaScript.
  • Projects involved JavaScript simulation of double pendulum and presenting to non-scientific audiences.