Antelope: An NLP Enhanced Transcript Labelling System for Reflective Practitioners. This was my MSc project and formed the basis of my dissertation. I designed a full stack for labelling dialogue transcript turns using an administrator defined schema. Antelope uses a machine learning model to recommend labels for transcript turns based on use.

An NLP-Based Scotch Whisky Recommender Agent

As a piece of coursework for my MSc I produced a Scotch whisky recommender agent in Python. This was evaluated via a survey, and at the p=0.05 is an improvement over a baseline random recommender.

Conway's Game of Life

This simulation of Conway's Game of Life was hacked together over a weekend to gain exposure to React. It is surprisingly satisfying to sit and play with!


Pyfighter is an 8-bit side scrolling, infinite level platform game, produced in Python using PyGame as part on an MSc by R. Soane, R. Danevicius, and S. Mistry. Inspired by super street fighter, super smash bros and Mario, they created a customisable and addictive game that gets progressively harder.

Othello (GUI)

This side project was to produce a fully functional GUI Othello engine. This was initially set as a challenge during an MSc tutorial to produce an Othello engine using minimax. I built a working engine (initially in the command line) and have since produced a GUI for it.